Leather & Lace Demo!


**Why You Need Leather & Lace Duo At Your Next Event!**

Mark And Tracey Swain, aka “Leather & Lace” (which one’s which I hear you ask….)

Collectively combining over 50 years in the entertainment industry.

Husband and wife professional, full time duo delighting audiences with flawless renditions of all the songs they know and love! 

Drawing from an extensive playlist of everyone's favourite tunes and artists....encompassing a huge range of era's and genres.

Leather & Lace have it all covered!

Tracey’s amazing vocal range and versatility combined with Mark’s character vocals and blistering guitar guarantees a truly stand-out event.

Add to the mix humour and audience participation and the choice is clear!

Only the best will do so we choose to perform through a state-of-the-art Bose Professional PA system.

Plus we provide an exciting light show to get the party happening!

Utilising quality backing tracks tweaked to within an inch of their lives, Leather & Lace deliver a sound superior to that of simply a duo.

** Every year Leather & Lace follow the sun and take the show on the road to the northwest of WA.

We're super excited to announce that later this year (2023) we'll be touring the whole of Australia, starting mid-December!

We don't know how long we'll be travelling (could be a couple of years) so if you're planning on a trip somewhere keep up with our website and Facebook page.

We just might be performing where you're headed!

Leather & Lace Duo

Enough said....

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