About Us

Husband and wife team Mark & Tracey Swain have between them many years of experience in the music and entertainment industry.

Mark is often recognised as ''that funny guy'' from the popular duo ''Od Thongz'', who built up a strong following in Broome and right down to the southwest of WA.
The Thongz also supported many of the big-name artists who performed in and around Broome at the time.

For 13 years Mark, along with partner Peter Varcoe (himself an accomplished singer/musician/songwriter, and now front man for popular Perth Irish folk/rock band ''Shanks Pony'') toured and entertained, Mark honing his guitar playing and vocal skills all the while.

Settled in Mandurah the past few years, Mark formed another duo, ''Twist & Shout'' (partnered with Ron ''The General'' McArthur, known these days as ''Rockin' Ronnie''). T & S were a huge hit with the many rock & roll dance enthusiasts and clubs in and around the area.

Tracey has been singing and performing in public since she was six years old. At sixteen she joined her first band as lead female vocalist and was delighted that she could perform songs from her favourite artists Linda Ronstadt, Olivia Newton-John and Suzi Quatro.

At eighteen she travelled Australia with well known country music icons Rick & Thel Carey, and upon her return to Mandurah continued to perform, even in later years when motherhood vied heavily for her attention. During this time she also travelled to Tamworth as the only WA finalist to compete in the prestigious Starmaker Quest.

Suffice to say Mark and Tracey met through their mutual love of music and performing, and it was inevitable they should combine their considerable talents. Thus ''Leather & Lace'' was born.

Covering artists such as Fleetwood Mac, Tina Turner, Nora Jones, The Eagles, Cold Chisel, Australian Crawl, Linda Ronstadt, Dusty Springfield, Johnny Cash, Paul Kelly....the list goes on. From cool jazz numbers to the most requested pub anthems, Leather & Lace have got it covered.

Humour and audience interaction are important ingredients to the success of the duo, often drawing comments on the great ''chemistry'' the couple share on stage, enticing people along to future gigs, while at the same time securing repeat performances at many premier venues in and around Mandurah.

They've also worked hard on producing a full, superior sound, something many people, including fellow musicians, remark favourably upon.

Leather & Lace take to the road around mid-June each year, returning to Mandurah in time for the buildup to Christmas, New Year and the busy summer season.
Their annual tour takes them north along the WA coastline and also inland to perform at many different pubs, clubs, race rounds and festivals.
Broome has been the furthest destination so far, however the pair have their sights set on one day travelling and performing right around Oz.

They travel in style in their 40ft converted coach, which is home whether or not the duo happen to be on tour.

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